Driving More Member Engagement While Using Fewer Resources

To help with the lack of engineering resources, the SmartStory Platform is able to do more with less. Read on to discover how.

Everyone is doing more with less in 2023. And despite product, information technology and engineering teams continuing to be impacted by reductions in force, roadmaps aren’t getting any less crowded. It can still be a 12-month wait to get a project prioritized within the healthcare industry. 

Influencing member engagement is already hard enough—if our solution can’t be implemented without pulling IT and engineering resources, we’re no different from any other B2B SaaS platform. It’s why positively impacting member outcomes begins with an understanding of the problem causing member engagement to be so low, then mapping out a solution to be as optimized as possible. 

We execute on that solution in as little amount of time as possible. This solutioning phase can be broken into 4 steps: 


1. Custom Fitting 

We’re activating the SmartStory platform based on what your business and members need. Depending on the specific pain point determines how SmartStory solves the problem. 

If we’re not able to clearly identify the problem or issues, we won’t be able to improve member engagement. Member engagement is unique to every organization and it can be the differentiator that moves yours ahead of any competition. 


2. Turn Ideas Into Solutions

Once we have a complete understanding of the pain points, our process brings together your business expertise with our ability to engage members. 

We make sure to understand your problem and the desired outcome. Then get to work achieving those objectives. These could be mobile web pages built for personalized experiences, forms or polls to collect user feedback or workflows that deliver omni-channel communications based on the specific patient journey. 

Dashboards are built to report on the performance of the solution and track member engagements. 


3. Deliver the Solution Quickly

Good design and prototypes are crucial to being able to test the experience prior to going live. The integrated technology platform leverages pre-built components for faster delivery. 

Unlock dynamic landing pages that can display relevant content specific to each member by defining the workflow and metadata. 


4. Data Security

Once we’ve gone live and completed our integration, we take protecting your data just as important as earning your business. A solution with weak security is no solution at all. SmartStory is built on a technology framework that has achieved HITRUST r2 Certification.

Forms that are used to collect information, messaging and video chat all provide additional secure communication channels. 

If your organization is not engaging its members to what you believe is the fullest potential, consider the SmartStory platform. 

For more information on how SmartStory does more with less, view this asset. If you’re ready to get to work improving member engagement, reach out to our team. 


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